Dane County Criminal Defense and Family Law Attorney Located in Madison, Wisconsin

When you are charged with a crime, or you believe you may be facing charges in the near future, one of the smartest decisions you will make is retaining an experienced and zealous attorney. Lucsay Law, LLC has experience in a wide range of misdemeanor and felony cases, both in state and federal court. A skillful attorney can not only fight for your innocence at a jury trial; they can also negotiate settlements that are more favorable than one you would receive without representation.

When you retain Lucsay Law, LLC as your attorneys, we will appear at all court appearances with you, analyze and investigate the evidence in your case, give you a nuanced opinion of the possible outcomes, and fight for the best result for you and your family. For cases that have not been charged yet, we will communicate immediately with the prosecutor and law enforcement to prevent charges from being filed.

Your representation begins with an initial no-cost phone consultation for up to 20 minutes. Following that call, you may set an appointment for an in-person consultation at the rate of $150 for up to 45 minutes. If you retain Lucsay Law, LLC as your attorneys, this $150 gets credited to your advanced fee for work on your case. Advanced fees vary, depending on the county the case is filed in, as well as the number and complexity of the charges. Advanced fees cover all work in your case except for a jury trial, which is charged separately if your case proceeds to that stage. Fees are not charged hourly when you pay an advanced fee, so you are free from the worry of how much your lawyer is charging you while your case is pending.

When you are facing jail or prison time, and a permanent criminal record, the best decision you can make is to hire an aggressive defense lawyer. Call today.